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Visit Georgian Themed Milford House and Learn About Its History – Armagh I

Milford House is the creation of Robert Garmany Mc Crum, self-taught industrialist, benefactor and inventor who revolutionized the flax industry.

His father, William McCrum (Senior), known locally as “the old farmer”, was the first man in Ulster to dry spin flax. In 1850 Robert took over one of his father’s flax mills and turned it into a Robert Mc Crum and Co .. This later became Mc Crum, Watson and Mercer which was one of the largest companies in flax in Ireland. He was a man born before his time. His interest in science and technology never wavered and he built Milford House which was teeming with his inventions and gadgets. He was the first in Ireland to adopt and install electricity in his private residence and in the Milford factory.

(c) National Museums of Northern Ireland; Provided by the Public Catalog Foundation

Discover the extraordinary history of Milford House. Ireland’s most technologically advanced house of the 19th century – the first in Ireland to be lit with hydropower, its role as a private girls’ school and the Trust’s work today to save the house. Milford House is the former seat of the McCrum family. Today it is one of the ten most listed listed buildings in Northern Ireland, considered to be the most at risk.

The Milford House collections are located at 3 Victoria Street, a beautiful townhouse where William McCrum spent his last days after losing his family fortune in the Wall Street crash.

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