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Perry Sinacola of Milford House Bar & Grill plans to open a wine bar


Forget about the food.

Chef Perry Sinacola wants you to see, swirl, sniff, sip and savor wine at his new business in downtown Milford.

Sinacola and his wife Kristin plan to open The Wine Studio wine bar in early 2018 in a building adjacent to their restaurant, the Milford House Bar & Grill, 113 E. Commerce Road.

“I don’t mean we’re going to be making food there right now. For now, we will focus on wines. Maybe on the road we will do some pairings. We will mainly be doing wine tastings and lectures. It will be more of an experience with wine, ”Sinacola said in a recent interview at his restaurant. “There is no wine bar here and we think we can offer something where you can sit, relax and enjoy a few glasses of wine.”

The adjacent 6,000 square foot building at 510-514 Main has been stripped of its envelope, but needs a permit before construction can begin. When complete, it will include a retail wine store, wine bar and room for conferences, seminars, private events and group wine tastings. Sinacola plans to keep much of the existing interior brickwork and create a “modern Tuscan” look. Guests will enter the wine bar through an entrance on the north side of the building.

The Milford House Bar & Grill currently serves wine, beer and spirits, but will only focus on wine in its wine bar.

An interior door will connect The Wine Studio to the restaurant, allowing staff to move between the two businesses.

Wine education

Charles Barnard will be the sommelier and consigliere of The Wine Studio. He has been involved in the wine industry for over 20 years, has lectured on wines and has been a distributor.

“It won’t be the wines from the grocery store, so they might not recognize the name. We will teach them. I’ll probably do a weekly lecture, ”Barnard said.

It also plans to invite winegrowers and importers to promote their products. Some events can be based on a theme.

“We will do flights,” he said. “Maybe it’s a cabernet theft or a wine theft from Italy. There will be a good opportunity to learn more about a certain region or style when we do. Wine is a great tool. pedagogic.

Barnard said Washington and Oregon are the “new hot spots” for wine and South African wines are also in fashion.

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According to the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council, wine production at 131 Michigan wineries has increased 34% over the past five years.

The Wine Studio will be connected and just north of the Milford House Bar & Grill.

“We will be bringing in a fair amount of local wine from what is available,” Barnard said, adding that tourism has helped boost Michigan wine sales.

“I think so many people have been to Traverse City and visited the wineries – it’s a great way to visit the wineries – and they come back here and ask what you got from up there, or from the shore. from Lake Michigan or other areas, “he said.

Sinacola said he hadn’t considered building a craft brewery or craft brewery because southeast Michigan has become “almost too saturated” with breweries.

“It looks like there is a demand (for beer), but I know there is also a demand for wine,” he said. “Wine is more than people can imagine.”

According to Barnard, the closest wine bar to Milford is in Livonia, around 20 miles away. Others are located in Detroit.

In addition to a restaurant and a future wine bar, Sinacola also operates an ice cream shop, catering and takeout at Milford House.

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