Milford schools

“no immediate threat to our schools”


NEW MILFORD — Students were briefly asked to shelter in place Friday morning due to a police investigation, according to the district.

Superintendent Alisha DiCorpo said in an email that schools in the district were “placed in shelter-in-place for approximately half an hour this morning.”

“This was due to an active police investigation in a nearby town that involved a suspect involved in a potential crime. I have been in close contact with the NM Police Department and the shelter in place has been lifted as the suspect is in custody,” DiCorpo said. “This was done out of an abundance of caution. There was no immediate threat to our schools.

Meanwhile, Bethel police asked school officials to “lock out” Friday after a “community incident,” Superintendent Christine Carver said. It was unclear whether the lockdown applied to all schools or a specific location.

The procedure is similar to shelter-in-place, Carver said, but allows normal school activities to continue indoors.

Details about the incident that caused the lockdown were not immediately available. Police released a statement late Friday that they responded to a domestic incident involving a firearm around 7 a.m. Friday.

A person was later arrested in the incident, but it was unclear if it was related to security measures taken by the school district.

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