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New Milford schools are looking to spend $75,000 on band gear, uniforms and instruments over five years


NEW MILFORD — The school district is looking to improve its music program by purchasing new equipment and replacing instruments and uniforms.

These requests are part of the band’s five-year capital plan in the Superintendent’s 2022-2023 budget proposal. The plan lists these three items at a cost of $5,000 each – which over the next five years would add up to $75,000.

As for replacing instruments, New Milford Schools Superintendent Alisha DiCorpo said there was already a $24,000-a-year line item in the band’s operating budget.

“These funds cover our main refresh cycle for instrument purposes over a multi-year cycle, but still reside within the operating budget as they are critical to the continued operation of the program,” DiCorpo said.

However, David Syzdek, director of instrumental music at New Milford High School, is asking for $5,000 per year for the next five years for the replacement of individual instruments, outside of the annual $24,000. That gives the district an extra cushion for purchases, DiCorpo said.

DiCorpo said there have been times in recent years during times of budget cuts where Syzdek has been unable to replace items such as music stands and field equipment “that are well beyond their useful life at this point,” DiCorpo said.

Each uniform, meanwhile, costs around $500 but rises with inflation, she said.

That’s why, she says, the district would like to start adding uniforms each year to replace worn-out ones.

She said she would like to make sure the district meets the needs of the band “so that we don’t end up in a situation where things snowball and the council exercises a large amount of capital funding. to replace large quantities of uniforms.

The district recommends starting a new cycle in the group so that the cost of instruments, uniforms and equipment is in one place and “knows in advance about what it takes to really manage the type of program of group that we have and the instrumental lessons that we offer ourselves that the children have the opportunity to take as part of the lessons,” DiCorpo said.

All of the band’s capital items will be further discussed at the January school board hearings before the full school board. All items and amounts shown on the capital plan are subject to change. The board may consider new capital projects at any time.

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