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Milford schools plan to reopen


MILFORD – September is just a few weeks away, and as the month approaches, students, parents and school officials are finalizing their back-to-school plans.

Milford Superintendent Anna Cutaia recently said students will be back to school full time and for all school hours when school begins on September 1. Cutaia said there would be a multi-point strategy to make schools safe for students and staff. to recover.

Cutaia said school officials are monitoring five factors to make sure students and staff are safe. These are the health and safety of students and staff, social and emotional needs of students and staff, academic factors, availability of resources and availability of staff.

“When I list this list, know that they are all working together to protect us,” Cutaia said. “Masks, social distancing, hand washing, cleaning of facilities, ventilation, use of plexiglass, layout of our learning spaces, how we transport students, how we serve food and use of technology. All of these parts are in our plan. The way they work together is what protects us. “

Wearing the mask continues to be a topic of discussion, and school spokeswoman Kathy Bonetti said schools would follow the advice of state health and education officials.

“Administrators continue to receive information from the State Department of Education, the governor’s office and the Milford Department of Health,” Bonetti said.

The last day of school is scheduled for June 14, however, if additional days are needed for emergency / snow closures, they will be added in June but will not go beyond June 24.

In the 2021-2022 school year, Milford Public Schools have scheduled a total of 106 teaching days.

There are a number of early termination days for students that will allow staff to have professional learning days. These dates are September 15, October 17, November 24 (early termination for students and staff), December 8, January 26, February 23, March 16, April 13, May 18, and June 14 (the last day of school).

There will also be full professional staff development days, meaning there will be no school for students on November 2 and March 9.

Cutaia, in a letter to school officials, stressed that plans may change as the situation regarding COVID-19 changes and health protocols are revised.

“This plan is a work in progress. We will continue to work with the Milford Department of Health to develop the protocols necessary to keep everyone safe in our schools, ”Cutaia said. “Milford Public Schools will continue to monitor transmission rates in the community and confirm positive cases of COVID by creating more plans for students and staff. If these indicators reach a level deemed necessary for adjustment by the Milford Department of Health, we will reassess our plans. “

But distance learning is not on the table as an option right now, she said.

“Distance learning will not be an option for the 2021-22 school year as an attendance choice unless the school district switches to a different model of education based on public health conditions,” a she declared.

Regardless of how state guidelines change, Cutaia said schools in Milford will continue to prioritize the health of staff and students.

“Our commitment to you will not yield despite the challenges we may face in the months to come,” she said. “We will keep an eye on the safety of our students and staff as we continue to advance our district in innovation and improvement in education.”

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