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Milford schools end social distancing and group work rules


MILFORD — The school district, which only a few weeks ago made mask-wearing optional in school buildings, is reducing or removing many of the remaining COVID restrictions.

Superintendent Anna Cutaia made the announcement over the weekend in a letter to the school community.

“Our continued tracking of COVID-19 cases, particularly since mask-optional status was implemented a few weeks ago, proves that it is time to move in this direction,” Cutaia said. “Furthermore, the community of Milford has moved out of the ‘red zone’, with respect to COVID-19 measures.”

Cutaia praised the school community for their collective response to the pandemic.

“We wouldn’t be here today without the support, partnership and hard work everyone has done to keep the Milford Public Schools community healthy and safe,” she added. “We can now reap the fruits of that labor.”

Starting Monday, social distancing requirements will be lifted and students will be able to work together again without separation restrictions, Cutaia said.

“It will go a long way to bringing collaboration and relationship building back to the classroom,” she said.

Starting March 28, Cutaia said visitors will once again have access to schools in the city. Appointments will still be required for anyone who needs to enter the building, as they always have been, but it will give families the option of attending in-person meetings when needed, she said. .

She said parent conferences already scheduled for this week will continue to be held virtually due to scheduling and logistical factors.

School events and field trips are also returning, she said.

“We looked forward to the day when events would once again be allowed in our buildings,” Cutaia said. “We anticipate that this transition will allow students, staff and families to come together for the various school celebrations that have always been considered the lifeblood of the school-family-community bond.”

Cutaia said district officials are working with the school facilities department to prepare cafeteria spaces for more traditional use for meals.

“To the extent logistically possible, our school cafeterias will once again be used by students as they were before the pandemic,” Cutaia said. “Students will walk to the cafeteria, receive their lunch and be able to sit with their classmates, as was common practice for years before the pandemic.”

Over the next two weeks, Cutaia said school and district leaders will work out the details of implementing these changes.

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