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Milford Schools Approve 2021-22 Year Calendar: What You Need To Know


MILFORD, CT – The Board of Education has approved its school calendar for the 2021-22 school year.

The first day of school for students will be September 1 and the provisional last day of school for students is scheduled for June 14.

Here are all the key dates approved by the school system:

August 30 and 31 Professional learning for staff
September 1 first day for students
Labor Day September 6
September 7 Rosh Hashanah
September 16 Yom Kippur
September 22 Early dismissal for students
October 27 Students on early leave
November 2 Professional learning for staff – No school
November 24 Early dismissal Staff and students
November 25 and 26 Thanksgiving Day
December 8 Early dismissal students
December 23-31 Holiday break

January 17 Martin Luther King Day
January 26 Students on early leave
February 18 and 21 Winter recreation
February 23 Students on early leave
March 9 Professional learning for staff – No school
March 16 Early dismissal students
April 13 Early dismissal students
April 15 Good Friday
April 18-22 Spring recreation
May 18 Early dismissal students
May 30 Memorial Day
June 10 and 13 (tent) Students on early leave
June 14 (provisional) Early dismissal Staff and students

Note: The last day of school is tentatively June 14. If additional days are needed for emergency / snow closures, they will be added in June, but not beyond June 24. If additional days are required, they will be deducted from the April 2022 Vacation starting April 22 and going back to April 18.

Milford Public Schools delayed start times will be 2 hours after your school’s normal start time.

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