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Milford House will offer four concepts for eating, having fun


Milford House is currently open for take out and will have a food tent available during Milford Memories. Pictured are some of the kitchen staff, left to right, Carlos Reyes, Sous Chef George Coakley, Executive Chef Daniel Mora and Jesse Patterson. (Photo provided)

Drive through town and it’s easy to see that the Milford House restaurant has been a hive of activity this summer.

It’s been a year since the original owners, Perry and Kris Sinacola, closed the beloved restaurant run by their family for 28 years.

Last spring, architects from new owners Norm Barman and Bob Horvath presented plans for a reimagined Milford House restaurant – and head chef Daniel Mora has been hard at work making the vision for the place a reality.

“When it’s all done, there will actually be four concepts under one roof,” said Mora, who has extensive restaurant experience, including running Italian bistro Bologna Via Cucina in Rochester and Palazzo di Bocce at the lake. of Orion.

“The reason we’re doing all these different concepts is to keep it fresh,” Mora said. “Originally it was supposed to be a really high end cutlet…but with food prices going up and everything skyrocketing I didn’t want to open a concept where you can’t come and eat here than on your birthday.

The Milford Scoop

Co-owner Norm Barman’s daughter Zoey is opening the ice cream portion of the business, which will be called The Scoop of Milford, similar to the ice cream parlor she opened three years ago, called The Scoop of Fenton.

“It will offer artisanal milkshakes and ice cream, like the ever-popular milkshakes with a cake or donut sticking out from the top,” Mora said.

The Brick House of 1847

The former Wine Studio is being converted into an upscale bourbon bar named 1847 Brick House, a nod to the building’s heritage as one of Milford’s oldest brick buildings.

“We really wanted to tie into the history of the building, so we left a lot of the original brick and cobblestones that were there,” Mora said.

The Milford House

“The third concept, we’re keeping it open as The Milford House, the side of the building that faces Commerce Road,” Mora said. He aims to open this section for dining during Milford Memories, in addition to food tents outside during the festival with roast pork, Mexican street corn (Elote), chicken tinga tacos, fried lasagna and breadsticks.

During normal operation, The Milford House, which has been open for take-out since July, will offer Italian comfort food with contemporary American dishes mixed in, as well as Latin scratch fare like specialty tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas and nachos.

Mora is also delighted to offer family meals – choice of chicken marsala, chicken parmesan or chicken piccata plus salad and breadsticks for a family of four for $49. Expand the meal to serve a family of six for $65.

“We’ve cut our margins significantly by offering even that, but it’s something we wanted to offer not just to help our customers, but also to scale where we can and build loyalty,” Mora said.

Family Fun Arcade and Shark Tank

The fourth concept is the family arcade that will wrap around the building. The outdoor patio will be removed to accommodate the arcade, which will be accessible from both the Milford House side and the Ice Cream Parlor side. There will also be a 40ft, 120,000 gallon shark tank with coral sharks.

The games will include everything from bocce courts and virtual reality to redemption games with prizes for the kids.

“When we looked at Milford, we realized there really wasn’t much for young families,” said Mora, who said visitors could enjoy the arcade without dining. “If you want to grab an ice cream or drink your milkshake and walk around and play games, we want to keep it casual and inviting for everyone.”

The arcade side will also have a dining area, with fusion offerings — like a burger/slider smash and a taco bar, Mora said.

“We just want everyone to know that we are here and although it may not be the same old owners and the same old recipes, come in and try us, because I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality .”

For more information, visit or call (248) 714-9266.

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