Milford house

Milford House renovations planned; includes a shark tank


A rendering shows proposed changes to the Milford House restaurant, Commerce Road and Main Street in Milford town centre. (Courtesy of John Stewart Architects)

Diners could be enjoying a meal at Milford House again within a month or two, according to John Stewart, the architect who presented the renovation plans to the Milford Village Planning Commission on March 8.

The main elements of the restaurant – takeout, ice cream display case, bar / dining room, adjacent wine bar and the Milford House name will remain – and the patio will be transformed into a 2,080 square foot addition, Stewart said. . The reimagined restaurant will include an amusement area and a 120,000 gallon shark tank.

The changes will be made in three phases.

“We are currently in the first phase, which is to renovate the interior with all new kitchen equipment, paint the interior and make it possible to have a nice installation,” said Stewart, who said that the goal was for diners to enjoy a meal. in the existing bar between April 15 and May 1.

Ultimately, the expansion will accommodate 240 people, which will require 60 parking spaces (one space for every four seats.) Plans currently indicate 24 spaces, but the applicant could apply for waivers and pay into the parking fund ( $500 per seat.)

“We understand the site lacks parking,” Stewart said. “In phase two, we thought of approaching the village and seeing how they would like to deal with the parking problem that we have.”

The second phase will include construction of the addition and installation of the shark tank.

“We already have the tank and the sharks are waiting for us,” Stewart said. The 40-foot-long tank will hold six coral sharks to start, which will cost around $10,000 each. “Sharks are waiting for us right now in Key West, Florida… They are coral sharks, they are not aggressive. They never stop swimming. They’re six feet tall, so it’ll be quite a scene to see these things.

The restaurant’s entertainment area is still being finalized but should be made up of a petanque court and virtual reality type games.

“The whole fun area and shark tank is family friendly,” Stewart said. “The north side of the building is hopefully an upscale steak and wine bar. If you don’t want to have dinner with your kids, go to this area and have a glass of wine or a bourbon and a really good steak.

The planning commission voted 7 to 1 in favor of revising the site plan, with Ronna Freeland voting against the plans.

Freeland said she feels the restaurant’s current curved patio is more inviting downtown, at the key corner of Commerce and Main.

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