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Here’s how Milford schools will spend nearly $ 5 million in funds


MILFORD, CT – At the August Education Council meeting, school officials provided updates on several key topics.

Here’s a recap:

Foran High School tennis courts named in memory of Richard A. Herman

Superintendent of Schools Anna Cutaia told council that a request has been made to name the Foran tennis courts in memory of Richard A. Herman.

James L. Richetelli said Herman spent more than 30 years dedicated to education in Milford. He started at Milford as a history teacher and eventually served as assistant superintendent overseeing both Milford High and Jonathan Law. He was instrumental in the development of Joseph A. Foran High School as the Senior Administrator assigned to the project. The courts will be named “Richard A. Herman Memorial Tennis Courts”.

American rescue program

Cutaia provided an update on the details of the district’s request for ARP funds. The
are specific requirements for the use of funds, including that at least 20% of the funds must be
used to respond to academic supports.

She then provided a breakdown of the $ 4,902,817 Milford will receive. In summary, $ 1,924,000 will be used for accelerating learning and studies, $ 55,000 for family and community engagement, $ 168,000 will be used for social, emotional and mental health services, 843,600 $ will be used for technology and $ 1,911,417 will be used for building health and safety.

Richetelli provided details on the improvements that will be made to the air of the school building
filtration systems. This, combined with the suite of mitigation strategies, will help keep everyone

Preliminary registration report

Cutaia reported that the number of registrations increased by 63 from forecast and 18 from last year. She gave a breakdown of the increases and decreases in enrollment by grade level. The administration will continue to monitor the number of registrations. Cutaia informed the Council of the enrollment projections as received from a third party demographer. The enrollment numbers are used for budgeting for the coming year.

Food service financial report

Eileen Faustich reported on the financial results of the 2020-21 year-end catering. During the 2020-21
school year, meals were provided free of charge to students. Breakfast meals increased by 244% and
midday meals increased by 19.7%.

The department will continue to provide meals to MPS students at no cost. With the school in session, the curbside offers will cease. The department will end with a balance of $ 88,110, mainly due to USDA waivers, which included “free meals for all students.”

Human resources report

Wendy Kopazna presented the July Human Resources Report. The report included
personnel changes as well as salaries. There were 24 or 25 retirements at the end of the year,
a little more than expected. Ms. Doyle asked if the salary for meal assistants could be increased. Ms. Kopazna explained that the district is trying to stay ahead of the minimum wage and has increased the hourly wage in the spring. They will continue to examine this.

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