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Going back to school or learning online? Parents of Milford Schools’ students decide


Parents of students at Milford schools have the choice of sending their children to classrooms this year or opting for online education due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Families in the exempt village of Milford school district have until Friday August 7 to make their choice; the school district does not offer a hybrid plan.

The first day of school for Milford students who will be in classrooms under strict safety protocols is Monday, August 24, unless there are any significant changes in local COVID-19 trends and the warning system. Ohio color-coded public health.

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August 24 will also be the first day of school for students taking online classes. Milford teachers will teach the courses online.

Decisions to switch to distance learning only for all students will be made weekly on Thursday, when updated national and local health data becomes available.

“We know this decision is not easy”

Students of parents who do not choose in-person or distance learning by the Friday deadline will be assigned in-person learning due to decisions that need to be made with staff.

“We know this decision is not an easy one,” Superintendent John Spieser said in a message to parents posted on the school district’s website.

“We know that our ability to return to buildings and stay in our buildings comes with an inherent risk. There are certainly many reasons to be confused, saddened and even angry about how the current health crisis is affecting schools.

“We don’t have all the answers. But we’re working really hard to figure it all out and we’ll continue to adapt and pivot as Governor (of Ohio) DeWine changes the controls and new direction comes to us, ”said Spieser.

The Milford School District serves approximately 6,600 students who live in Milford, Miami Township, Miamiville and parts of Goshen and Union Townships.

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